ESU Davos 2015

The Davos Challenge

For over two decades, the EAU holds its longest-running and highly attended scientific and educational event, the European Urology Forum. Now on its 24th year, the forum informs young and mid-career urologists on the latest urological advances and strengthens their links with senior colleagues.

With emphasis on a thought-provoking, comprehensive update on current urological practice based on the EAU guidelines, as well as insights from new research studies, experts and participants discuss controversies in andrology, pediatric urology to uro-oncology, amongst others. Interactive meetings, debates and a competitive ‘Challenge the Experts’ module are part of the four-day programme which prompts participants to re-think standard procedures and cast a critical eye on accepted clinical practice.

Join us in Davos for one of this year’s most stimulating and insightful educational and scientific events!